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Ben Nisbeth

Ben Nisbeth photo Ben Nisbeth
  • 5th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Ben Nisbeth is the owner/operator of Pathfinder Martial Arts and has been teaching taekwondo in Mars Hill for over 8 years. He is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt with the American Taekwondo Foundation. Mr. Nisbeth started his taekwondo journey when he was 11 years old in North Asheville. After attaining the rank of 1st Degree Black belt, he took a 14 year break in order to focus on doing well in school and earning a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Geology from Appalachian State University. Returning to taekwondo as an adult, his dedication and commitment to the art lead to becoming an Instructor. He lives in Marshall with his wife Amanda and their three sons.